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Customer Testimonials

Dear Andy & Family,

I wanted to thank you personally for the expedite and expert job that you did on my home. For fifteen years and with four pets, our carpets had become very dirty with pet stains and odors. I thought for sure that I would have to replace all the carpet in my home due to these circumstances, but after the professional job you performed last week, I know I will have my carpets and pets for many more years to come! Your service was splendid and that persona that you and your family gave my father and I was truly a service that cannot be measured. Your name will be greatly spread throughout our community for a service very well done.

Deborah J. Courts
Avon, Ohio

Ellis Family Carpet Cleaners are superb! They have cleaned and rejuvenated all of the carpeting in my home and did a wonderful job cleaning my living room furniture too. They also cleaned office carpeting for our corporate offices where I work for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend their services.

Thank you,
Helen Terpylak
Oberlin, Ohio

On August 20th, 2005 a torrential rainstorm  slowly moved through Northern Ohio that left hundreds of homes flooded with water. My home was one of them. My basement had filled with 10+ inches of water over a very short period of time. My wife and I feared the worst. Would we lose all of the time and effort we put into our finished basement that took almost a year to complete?

Andy and Bob of Ellis Family Carpet and Duct Services were already in the process of helping my neighbor save his basement  when I let them know of my situation. They were very responsive to my needs and started pumping water out of my basement immediately after they arrived. Time was of the essence. By acting quickly, they saved my basement and saved me the huge amount of money I would have spent on rebuilding it!

The Ellis crew stayed until 3:00 am that night, and didn’t leave until my basement had begun the final drying process. They sprayed to prevent and kill any mold and bacteria to ensure a safe environment. My wife and I were relieved and could now stop worrying, knowing our basement was well on the way toward restoration.

Unfortunately, I was not covered by my insurance company, and the Ellis’ were sensitive to my financial needs. I would strongly recommend the Ellis Family Carpet Cleaning & Duct Cleaning company for disaster recovery from potential water damage such as from flooding. I can guarantee you that the quality, attention, and care you receive from the Ellis Family Carpet Cleaning business will prove you made the right decision in choosing them.

Thank you,
Ed Phillips
North Ridgeville, Ohio